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Monday, 20 August 2012

Avast Reactors - Part 2

The following day for my reactor builds…

2012-08-18 14.00.31

I did a wet test on the existing joints.

It soon became apparent that trying to do this late at night when it was dark and i was tired had left a few flaws in the gluing process!

2012-08-18 14.07.48

I should have waited until the weekend and done it in a better frame of mind rather than getting too excited and wanting to to it there and then!

A quick fix with an extra bead of glue and left it them over night again.

Prepped the top plates…

2012-08-18 14.14.50

2012-08-18 14.19.28

And did a pressure test on the ones that didn't leak…

Thankfully they didn’t have additional issues at this point either…

2012-08-19 13.46.58

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