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Monday, 20 August 2012

Avast Reactors - Part 1

Another piece of equipment for my Reef Aquarium arrived recently…

2012-08-17 17.43.36

Several kit form rectors from Avast Marine!

One for phosphate, one for ozone and two for carbon, where one will carry out the main carbon duties and the other will be connected in series to the ozone reactor to absorb and free floating gas that doesnt get saturated into the water.

Off to the garage!

2012-08-17 19.30.17

Great pieces! All nicely machine…

2012-08-17 19.31.40

A lint free cloth, an essential tool for constructing acrylic items…

2012-08-17 19.32.21

Starting the construction as per the Avast instructions, pretty straight forward to be honest. I chose the kit form to save a bit of money and i like the fact that i can be constructive for a change!

2012-08-17 19.39.20

The HDPE ribbon media for the Ozone reactor

2012-08-17 20.00.27

Got a bit of a production line going!

2012-08-17 20.07.28

Other ends going on, with a simple trick to get each end square with the other…

2012-08-17 20.17.37

2012-08-17 20.32.06

Attaching the plates to the down pipes, using a workbench, an axle stand and a roll of insulation tape to knock it into position!

2012-08-17 20.46.15

A very, very tight fit, but i still applied a bit of glue!

Parts curing over night…

2012-08-17 21.07.13

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