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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Woodson Install - Part 3

Only a few minor updates for now.

Decided to unbox the MP40’s just to have a look, as you do!

2012-07-21 20.03.422012-07-21 20.06.47

Great piece of kit! Cant wait to see them in action!

Also got the OR3500 Aqua Medic pump prepped for use. I decided to bond the spout into the body as recommended by the instructions. I was told some folk don't bother as the fit is pretty damn tight, but seeing as this is its only job and i don't intend to bond hard pipe to it as i will be using a length of hose to dampen vibration, it was worth the 60 second job, plus i had scavenged some Tangit!

2012-07-22 20.56.09

Nice to see Aqua Medic appear to supply a spare impeller…

2012-07-22 21.04.25

Sat in the sump ready to go… bad picture i know…

2012-07-22 21.06.47

Hopefully my next instalment will involve obtaining reactors, plumbing, heaters and a few other ancillary items. Unfortunately i spent quite a bit on some new spectacles and my car needs new tyres! So they may have to wait until next month! Damn it!

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