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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Woodson Install - Part 2

Another item that had arrived for my reef tank is my new skimmer. The Deltec SC1455.

Here are a few pictures…

Deltec SC1455 SkimmerDeltec SC1455 SkimmerDeltec SC1455 SkimmerDeltec SC1455 Skimmer

The fully constructed skimmer…

Deltec SC1455 Skimmer

And sat in place in the sump ready to go! Nothing much to it until its full of water of course!

Deltec SC1455 Skimmer

I also put the Radion power supplies in a more temporary position as opposed to balancing them on the window ledge! This will allow me to have a play around with them a little easier and safer!

Radion PSU

Then it all got a bit nerdy!

2012-07-19 20.14.05

The Radion’s seriously are an impressive piece of kit when you finally get to play around with the properly. The software is relatively intuitive and easy to use, although i am aware EcoTech are working on a newer release of this that will have web compatibility. If memory serves me right, it was showcased at Interzoo 2012.

Great fun figuring out lighting cycles and then running test and demos. I've spent quite a few hours just tweaking and modding my light cycle to get it somewhere near for the future. No doubt it will have plenty more adjustment as time goes by! But that's the beauty of the product. There is no on and off switch forcing you into the corner. The customise options are capable of working down to every minute of the day.

I also like the layout ability to allow simulation of the earths rotation. I currently have them set on a 30minute spread so there is 15minutes between each unit. Its great watching the colours slowly sweep across the Riffsystem as the day passes by!

I also calibrated the channels…

2012-07-19 20.58.26

This is a straight forward process to get all the light channels in sync and basically set the lights at 0 intensity. Most likely through electronic tolerances they will never all be bank on 0 intensity when the controller things they are. This simple task just brings that all back into line.

I was prompted to do this after noticing that the different channels on each unit were not adjusting or switching on and off at the same rate (with a time shift of 0 on the layout settings) but with them corrected they all work in unison perfectly.

A worthwhile task to carry out and only takes about 5 minutes per fixture. I have also set a reminder task to check them every 6 months.

Finally a couple more 20k blue pictures!


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