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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Woodson Install - Part 1

After a short wait, Billy from Woodson Aquaria made a date to pop round and finish his bits off on my new reef tank!

The day started with drilling a large hole in one of the Riffsystem plates! Felt quite daunting at the time, but this hole would provide a recess for the MP40 power head that will be residing on that side of the tank…

2012-07-18 17.39.44

The resulting hole is complete, the Riffsystem is surprisingly resilient to this kind of modification it would seem!

2012-07-18 17.48.37

With plenty of caution we slowly lowered the side plate into its final resting position..

2012-07-18 18.02.50

2012-07-18 18.04.11

The adjacent back plate and weir cover was then added…

2012-07-18 18.26.29

Billy then hand crafted the joint across the corner of the weir, it is not quite finished in this image, a less uniform surface was applied later on…

2012-07-18 19.08.19

The remaining back plates were then installed…

2012-07-18 19.40.16

2012-07-18 19.40.33

We then spent an hour or so playing around with the free standing structures and bridging pieces to create an interesting scape with plenty of depth. Sadly i didn't document this with pictures exceptionally well and its currently still being tweaked about slightly, but it does look fantastic!

In the mean time this is the first time i saw the hood it situ… sorry about the reflections!

2012-07-18 21.23.33

Now it was time to try the custom made mountings for the EcoTech Radion LED lighting fixtures!

2012-07-18 21.23.40

We both wanted to see them in action, so i crudely set up the power supply and bunged the power cable into the first available socket i could find.

The initial results from just one fixture made us both take a step back and say “wow!”

2012-07-18 21.29.55

These things cant half put some light out!

A few small mods to the hood were required for the retaining braces…

2012-07-18 21.30.19

This allows a simple CNC acrylic cut brace to keep the Radion’s secure for when the hood is opened…

2012-07-18 23.00.25

All three lights running together!

It has also come to my attention that the iPhone 4S has literally no idea how to adjust the white balance when the light is around 20,000k! Trust me its not THIS blue, it looks more like a very bright, clear sky summers day! I really must get my DSLR working again and get some better images for the future.

2012-07-18 22.11.55

The view from my sofa!

2012-07-18 22.52.43

A quick look at the dual hinged hood, the small flaps at the front are for feeding, and wont require you to get shot in the eye by a Radion on full power!

2012-07-18 23.07.16

The other option is to hinge at the rear for access…

2012-07-19 19.31.58

A couple more pictures at 4,300k. Thankfully point and shooting with the iPhone can work the colours out on this one a little better!

2012-07-18 23.13.31

2012-07-18 23.13.44

Thanks for looking! More to follow shortly!

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