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Sunday, 29 July 2012

PSU Frame and Ceramic’s

Acquired a few odds and ends to complete the “frame” i started for keeping the Radion PSU’s secure, it will now have a series of extension sockets for each PSU which will run back to a single plug, hopefully helping to keep things tidier still.

A bit of MDF was added for the sockets to be mounted too…

2012-07-29 17.27.21

In the end i also decided to paint it! Bring on the black gloss…

2012-07-29 17.45.45

I cant help thinking it looks a bit crap, but seeing as it will be completely out of sight and providing a meaningful purpose, I'm trying to ignore the aesthetic failure of it!

Just waiting for the paint to dry…

Also during my trip to the LFS (Wharf) i picked up a pack of D-D Aquascape Putty.

I thought it would be wise to secure the ceramic Riffsystem bridges in my aquascape, just in case! I know i will probably regret it in future if anything needs to be moved!

2012-07-29 15.31.13

2012-07-29 15.34.05

Its really easy stuff to work with as long as it isn't stone cold, just kneed equal quantity's together until the two colours have completely blended into one. Then just squeeze and mould it into position as required.

With it being the coralline pink version i tried to keep it as discrete as possible…

2012-07-29 19.12.062012-07-29 19.12.122012-07-29 19.12.172012-07-29 19.12.25

In a few hours it is reasonably solid, certainly more secure then the ceramics just being lodged together!

In 24 hours it should be pretty much solid to the point it can be drilled and tapped!

Again, i think i may come to regret this, but id rather not have one tumble by accident and hit the glass!

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