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Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Inhabitants!

Went to my favourite shop today, Wharf Aquatics in Pinxton, with the simple intention to purchase some frozen foods and a few filter consumables, low and behold that is never the case!

I can never resist having a little look around their livestock as its pretty much the most impressive array in the area.

I had been thinking for a while what to add into the Lido to tune it more as a community fresh water rather than a species tank for the Dwarf Puffers which will be moving on to their own dedicated system in the near future.

Seeing as they have posed no threat at all to the others living in the tank with them i decided to take a gamble and add something else with them.

My thoughts turned to Gourami’s after having years of success with them and just generally enjoying their colours, temperament and unusual features.

Looking round the display tanks at Wharf, i had the urge to buy some Pearls as i think they are a very pretty Gourami. However they do grow reasonably large in comparison to the Lidos volume.

So i turned my attention to another of my favourites, the Dwarf Gourami (Colisa lalia) and luckily, the shop had some lovely specimens in stock with their bright blue and fire red colours looking in full health.

So i made my mind up and got 4 of them for a reasonable £20.

Here are the guys ready floating while the temp levels out…

2012-07-29 15.25.04

They have gone a little pale as you would expect, the Dwarf Puffers looked in on the commotion but soon went about their regular business.

I carried out my weekly water change, then netted each fish and gave them all a quick 20second RO dip before passing them into the aquarium. I do trust my LFS, but bio-security should always be well practiced, and i feel a quick dip should help wash away and LFS water from the fishes scales and fins after being in the bag.

As they entered the tank they all immediately had a good look round, the Puffers once again came in for a look, the stared each other out, then went their own ways.

An hour or so later i sprinkled some Hikari Micro Pellets in, which are actually a sample pack i received when i tested out a BiOrb Life in the past! I have not really had the need for dry foods in the past months as the Puffers have only ever eaten bloodworm with any enthusiasm, so i completely overlooked it!

The Gourami’s soon sniffed out the pellets and made short work of chowing down on them, shortly after they have started to colour back up and bringing back the beautiful blue and red glow. Half and hour later I followed this up with half a cube of bloodworms, primarily for the Dwarf Puffers, i normally only put a quarter in, but the Gourami’s are clearly in the know and ate their fair share of the worms too.

All good everyone seems happy so far! I will have to get hold of a few more varieties of frozen and some pellets and flake now.

Last but not least i got another trap door snail to accompany the one I've had for a couple of months or so now. The existing one has done a great job of eating algae and keeping the sand turned over, and in the rare moment i actually see it out and about (they're nocturnal), its always nice to sit and watch them go about their business.

This second one will hopefully give the original one a helping hand, as he obviously eats all he needs and their is plenty left over.

Sat in his bag ready to go…

2012-07-29 15.24.59

He did a lap round the tank, before bulldozing a small dune and getting in his shell ready for tonight!

Happy so far, hopefully nothing will turn foul before the Dwarf Puffers new home is devised.

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