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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New bits to try

Being impressed and happy with the Seachem range, and after my last post, i have decided to give the Equilibrium product a go, using it to buffer the RO water, rather than relying on using tap water like i have for the last few water changes. Yes that's been working, but its not been ideal as i cannot really gauge the exact GH levels that i want, plus being tap water I've resorted to a dechlorinator to rid the stuff i don't want from the tap supply.

Also picked up a fresh bottle of Flourish Excel, and a set of TMC Curved Tweezers and Scissors, which should make the job of pruning a little easier, rather than getting my sleeves wet and having to dunk my whole arm blindly into the tank to try and manipulate stuff! I try to stay out of the water as much as possible in order to keep contamination to an absolute minimum so these are ideal.

About £20 for the pair and come in both curved and straight flavours. I went for the curved as it should make life a little easier.

2012-07-10 18.33.44

2012-07-10 18.34.31

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