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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lido Testing 2012-07-04

Carried out some tests on the Lido today…

GH = 5dkh (gone up 1dkh)

Nitrate = 5ppm

pH = 7.6

Still going good, GH is clearly registering the tap water and RO mix i have been using for the last month or so to keep it stable enough and allow some nutrients to remain in the water. However i am considering buffering the RO water with proper planted tank additives so i know exactly what is going in there. I'm looking at doing this as i would like to add some more exotic plants in the near future rather than the generic ones i have at the moment.

I did originally try some but fell foul of the original problems and ended up with them all melting away, hopefully now I've got the water parameters in check it'll be a bit more successful!

Flourish Excel still seems to helping keep those Nitrates in check!

2012-07-04 19.05.20

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