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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Interpet LEDs

Wanting a bit of a moonlight effect on this tank, I picked up a 12inch Interpet Pro lighting bar.

The initial results were great. The tank had a nice blue glow in the morning and evening hours, and nice ripple effect during the normal lights on period, the added blue also worked great with the T5s and produced a very nice white light rather than the slightly off yellow from the T5s on their own. It also had some pretty strong 3M pads and attaches nicely to the underbelly of the Juwel lighting unit.

I went with this strip rather than the cheaper items found on the likes of eBay after reading the odd horror story of cheap Chinese power supply's turning into molten smoking masses!

As a result the Interpet unit rolled in at around £22.

Unfortunately, a few months down the line I looked over at the tank one evening and noted it was dark, initially assuming that the timer plug had failed.

But on closer inspection it was clear that the blue LEDs were still on, just very very dim, barely giving any of their previously high power blue glow.

This image is not really a good representation, but you can just about see the dull glow...

And a couple of shots of the strip running. A bit sad really, the original picture I took of these, they were absolutely blinding!
A bit of a shame, expected a bit better reliability considering the price. Will look at replacing this with something else in the near future.

I have been considering the TMC Aquaray LEDs using the T5 mounts and MMS mounting system, may have to look into this a bit sooner that anticipated!

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