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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Equilibrium First Use

Ok, back to using straight RO but remineralising with the Seachem Equilibrium.

First i acquired a set of digital scales with a resolution of 0.1g as from the Seachem instructions i worked out i need to mix 2.4grammes of Equilibrium for my 12l water change.

Got this from Maplins for less than a tenner! Should have been £35!

2012-07-15 15.10.30

Also found a use for the dosing cups i have accumulated over the months from various products… knew they would “come in handy”!

2012-07-15 15.51.03

Started out a little messy, as i could do with a small spoon/spatula to shovel the powder out, but found tearing a small hole in the seal and then tapping it like a drum dispensed small enough quantity's out.

2012-07-15 15.53.39

An empty 2l fizzy drinks bottle makes for the ideal mixing vessel. The Seachem instructions do say you can apply it directly to the aquarium but with the recommendations to first dissolve it into a smaller amount of RO. Makes total sense to me!

2012-07-15 15.56.10

With the bottle half full and a good shake for 30seconds and the water turns a pale murky colour.

Some bits didn't initially dissolve, but this was further improved by adding  a bit more water and just really keep shaking until it all dissolves in.

I have reason to believe throwing it straight in the aquarium as a powder may cause it to clump? It does seem to take a small amount of effort to get it fully dissolved.

2012-07-15 15.57.26

Easy as pie really. Once it was all gone i tipped it into the aquarium with the power heads switched on to distribute it round nicely.

Will do a GH and KH test in the next few days.

Also used the TMC plant tools, great pieces of kit, makes the job so much easier with a bit of practice and with a great deal more precision! Better than fumbling round blind and ending up disturbing stuff.

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