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Friday, 22 June 2012

Pictures of my new tank!

Not mentioned this as of yet, but i have decided to start using this blog for a little more than just FTS pictures, and document my progress and build logs on my aquariums.
This is my spanking new Woodson Aquaria 60x24x30 (LxWxH) aquarium, designated for a full Reef Marine setup!
Currently in the final construction stages.
2012-06-22 10.55.47
Constructed in a traditional style, to fit in with the rest of the house, and with a closed hood that has been specially designed to take the EcoTech Radion LED fixtures.
A closed hood is a necessity for me as we have a cat who can be a little adventurous and downright clumsy at times! So the protection of having her NOT fall in has been a major consideration of this build.
Billy at Woodson Aquaria has so far been an amazing bloke to work with on crafting this aquarium, i would recommend him to anyone looking for a well put together and designed aquarium.
Here’s a picture of the top of the hood.
2012-06-22 10.56.07
It is not quite complete as of yet, as there will be some acrylic inserts applied into the routed holes in the hood panels. The Radion’s themselves will then sit in these “sockets” and have a clamp to keep them secure should the panels be opened.
As you may have noticed, the panels are double hinged. This is so separate sections can be open, but allow others to remain closed, and thus keep the light on in the tank, should maintenance need to take place. The clamping devices will prevent the Radion’s venturing down the back of the tank should one be raised!
The smaller hinged section at the front is for feeding or applying chemical dosing. Simply, it enables you to carry out such tasks without needing to lift the entire panel, and getting your retinas blasted with high power LEDs!
I got this mounting idea from Mr Saltwatertank, a prolific YouTube and Blog author for the Reef and Marine hobby.
The tank will also be sumped (not shown) will use Vortech MP power heads, a Deltec skimmer, various reactors, and a full Riffsystem Ceramic install.
It took me a while, but i eventually fell in love with the ceramics after not being such a fan, and had the full intention to use Liverock.
This is due to a few factors.
  • I really fell for the “modern” or “candy shop” look. I appreciate its an unnatural effect to some, but I'm not trying to create a natural biotope.
  • Nasty's - Zero risk of undesirable hitch hikers. With the ceramics being sterile, Aiptasia will be kept at bay. Granted it will loose the potential of good creatures, but i do intend to obtain a small amount of Liverock that will be placed in the sump to seed the main water column and the ceramics. So if any good creatures do arrive i can add them into the main tank. I have considered using the bio filter start potions, but would rather go for the more natural option.
  • Aquascaping - Something i knew i would be never satisfied with should i use Liverock, the ceramic structures literally provide interesting Aquascaping out of the box.
  • Environmental Impact - I had decided from the start that i wanted this aquarium to be as sustainable as possible. Sourcing things such as Livestock from either captive bred sources or from tank shut downs, corals from frags etc... So the decision to not use Liverock means it will not be removed from the oceans natural reefs.
  • Cost - My budget for budget for the Liverock pretty much covered the ceramics that will be installed. So £ for £ the price is negligible, and the aquarium will have full back plates and weir cover and a series of standing structures in the main body of water.
That’s all for now, please check back soon as i will post updates as the project progresses.

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