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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lido 120 20-06-2012

Starting to see quite a bit of growth now, very green leaves and growing at quite a rate! Especially the offshoot that is growing alongside the filter box.

I have made adjustments to my dosing of Flourish  and Flourish Excel. I was doing 2.5ml every 7 days, and 3ml every other day (respectively) and now doing 2.5ml every 4 days and 3ml every day. The dosing is the same but its more frequent. I am now more convinced that the activated carbon pad was perhaps moving some of the good stuff. The plants as mentioned in the past had fell behind but now they appear to be gaining strength rapidly.

I am currently keeping my eyes open for a cheap second hand dosing machine to keep up with the regular dosing of the Seachem stuff.

2012-06-20 18.10.53

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