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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lido 07-06-2012

Love to know what's happening to the plants?

They were growing really well, trailing across the water surface, now they are shrinking back?

I've started adding Flourish Excel and Flourish from Seachem. And I did return the carbon pad back to the filter box after removing it when using some anti hair algae to try and combat a BBA issue. While it helped it didn't fully cure the problem.

However since adding the Seachem stuff the BBA has really took a turn for the better!

Think I am going to remove the carbon pad again though as it may be counter productive with the Seachem products?

Also need to do a dGH test as I believe it's really low now after only using RO to do water changes. May need to start supplementing a bit of tap water back in to the mix.

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